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Trainline has launched a voice app built for the Google Assistant.

The app allows rail travellers to talk to Trainline by asking everyday travel questions about their journey, with real-time updates on details that matter most, like timetables and delays.

The Trainline app for the Google Assistant is now available on eligible Android phones, on the Assistant app on iOS, and on Assistant-enabled devices like Google Home.

Trainline’s voice app combines Trainline’s leading travel technology experience with Google’s conversational platform to make accessing information on the move easier than ever before.

Trainline’s voice app can handle deep conversational complexity, including answering twelve layers of questioning.

Rail commuters who are in a rush to get to and from work can also teach Trainline’s voice app to recognise their commuting patterns from regular places such as home. 

The app also has smart built-in features: for example, real-time delays and the time required to walk to or from a station are taken into account when providing answers

Trainline’s voice app can help simplify people’s lives – especially for people in a rush to get somewhere like walking between stations through a crowd, or getting ready in the morning.

As people use the app, it will reveal more features over time.

Dave Slocombe, product director, Trainline, said: “Trainline’s mission is to use technology to make travel as smart and simple as possible.

“Trainline’s voice app is the latest in a long line of innovations that make this possible.

“We’re proud to have worked with Google and its powerful new Assistant platform on the creation of voice capabilities that can deliver complex travel information in a quick, simple and personal way.”


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