Malta Tourism Authority launches new gastro trail to agents | News

Malta Tourism Authority has launched a new Gastro Trail of Malta and Gozo to highlight some of the best spots for agents to discover a culinary scene unlike anywhere in the world and share with their clients.

A blend of Italian and Arabic cuisine, Malta is fast becoming one to watch for foodies and the new trail explores the restaurants, bars, farms and producers across both Malta and Gozo.

Epicureans will also delight at the stunning wine offering from the small archipelago, with many producers gaining international recognition for both indigenous and blended vintages, the best of which are marked on the trail.

The first in a series of themed trails, the map has been designed to be taken in bitesize chunks.

Agents can use the Gastro Trail as their foodie bible to give to clients to use for their entire stay on the islands and visit each one, or simply stop off at the ones that take their fancy. 

Each foodie gem on the map is briefly described with details of what it has to offer – whether it be the best place to try the abundance of fresh seafood, sample traditional Maltese savoury pastries that are baked throughout the night, meet independent gourmet artisans or simply where to see local cheese being created and buy the freshest ingredients

Malta has long been a favourite destination with British travellers and is now buzzing with excitement as next year the capital city, Valletta will become the 2018 European Capital of Culture.

The map picks out three tantalising restaurants for atmospheric dining in the place to see and be seen next year including Michael’s, a blend of traditional and cutting-edge cuisine in a wonderfully historic building; Panorama which has, as the name would suggest, a stunning panoramic vista of the Grand Harbour and The Harbour Club, famed for its seasonal and local menu as much as the waterside views.

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