Iberia overhauls Velázquez Lounge in Madrid | News

Iberia has completely refurbished its Velázquez Lounge at Madrid airport terminal four, where its hub is based.

The new facility offers 2,500 square meters of premium lounge space with spectacular views of both take-off and landing runways at Madrid’s airport.

“From now on, to rest, to work, to enjoy a refreshment, or calmly wait for your flight to be called have a new meaning; we have made improvements to everything, with special attention to connectivity and food service, for an unrivalled customer experience,” said Gabriel Perdiguero, Iberia customer and business transformation director.

The lounge, in the T4 Satellite building of Madrid Airport, was expanded by a quarter to 2,500 square meters, and all customer services have been improved to meet all possible needs of up to 500 passengers at a time – the exclusive space is now used by some 1,200 people each day

The remodelled lounge is an ideal place for getting work done, with USB charging ports embedded in lounge chairs and restaurant tables for charging all type of electronic devices.

There is also an open work area where meetings can be held while awaiting flights.

Technology is also transforming the meal service. In the next few days, touch-screen tablet computers are to be installed in the buffet area to supply the latest information about the food and beverage offering, along with recommendations – for example, customers may be invited to “try our healthful rustic salad”.

Food service is the central focus of the new space, with larger, improved restaurant and buffet areas which adapt to the different times of day and night, while always accommodating the biological clocks of long-distance travellers.

Customers can be served in a conventional sit-down restaurant or serve themselves from hot and cold buffets.

Both Spanish and international fare – including sushi – are available. 

The lounge also features several areas where coffee and tea are served.

Nothing makes a traveller feel more refreshed or at home than a good shower, and Iberia’s new Velázquez Premium Lounge is equipped with six large and lavishly equipped shower booths, with all the amenities.

The main rest area features chaise-longues on which weary travellers can stretch out for a proper nap between flights.

Children have their own entertainment zone in the lounge, with child-sized furnishings and traditional games, plus television and game consoles.

Perdiguero commented: “The new Velázquez Premium Lounge represents another advance towards our objective of making continuous improvements to our customer services, giving our passengers the most enjoyable travel experience when they fly with Iberia.”

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