Lufthansa unveils new Boeing 777-9 Business Class product | News

Lufthansa has revealed the concept for its brand-new Business Class.

The new product will be available on regular routes for the first time in 2020, with the roll-out of the Boeing 777-9.

The new seat is the key element of the service and comfort level in the cabin, which have been improved even further.

It was developed with the goal of facilitating the best and soundest sleep up above the clouds.

The brand-new Business Class seat was developed exclusively for the German premium airline together with Lufthansa’s customers.

Over 500 guests provided in-depth support during the development phases.

Privacy and an optimum of comfort for sleeping are two of the most important needs of passengers on international routes – both are handled with the new Business Class concept.

“The new, ultra-modern Lufthansa Business Class creates a new global benchmark.

“It offers our passengers a unique travel experience,” said Harry Hohmeister, board member at Deutsche Lufthansa AG.

“We have consistently and continuously refined our range of premium products for our guests and modernized Lufthansa.

“Our focus is and has always been on the wishes of our customers and their specific needs.

“We want to provide them with the perfect travel experience.

“The new Business Class showcases the full innovative capacity of Lufthansa.”

Compared to its predecessors, the Boeing 777-9 has a considerably wider cabin.

In the new Business Class, this space is used to significantly increase the comfort level for passengers.

For instance, all passengers in the new Business class will have direct access to the aisle.

This is made possible by a 1-2-1 and 1-1-1 seat configuration.

The new seats also provide customers with a significantly increased amount of personal space, more privacy, as well as generous storage compartments and flat surfaces.

Depending on their personal needs, passengers can choose between a number of spatial configurations.

For instance, they can choose to have an extended-length bed or a seat with twice as much desk space.

Lufthansa’s new high-end Business Class offers business and leisure travellers an incomparably luxurious, healthy and relaxing flight experience.

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