Royal Brunei Holidays launches to customers | News

Royal Brunei Airlines has launched Royal Brunei Holidays, a new online dynamic packaging service.

Fully-integrated into the Royal Brunei website, the new booking system will allow guests to book their flights, hotels, transfers and tours all at once.

Guests will also have the option of adding a stopover in Brunei or Dubai to their travel itinerary, enabling them to explore some of Borneo’s top tourist attractions.

Royal Brunei has partnered with Cozmo Travel and Amadeus to offer customers and agents a simplified, custom-built travel booking service.

The service has two booking packages available.

Holiday Package is on offer for booking flights, hotels, transfers and tours while a Stopover package allows guests to book a short stay in Brunei or Dubai while en route to their destination.

The new system allows them to book up to a maximum of nine guests at a time – ideal for large families and business travellers looking for a convenient and straightforward booking experience.

The system will also include the latest promotional deals from hotels and tour operators to ensure that guests are receiving the best prices for their holiday. 

Karam Chand, Royal Brunei chief executive, said: “Royal Brunei Airlines is proud to have launched our online packaging system.

“This intuitive and holistic offering will streamline the booking process for our guests and take the stress out of having to book through several operators.

“Agents are also a hugely important part of our operations and this new product will make their lives easier, as well as strengthening our position in the market.”

The product has been introduced in response to considerable demand from agents and guests and is part of Royal Brunei’s on-going commitment to improving guest experience.

The launch of the product will also grow Royal Brunei’s offering to the wider UK market and strengthen its strategic partnerships.

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