Airbus: South Pacific fleet to double in size by 2036

The passenger aircraft fleet above 100 seats serving Australia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific region is set to increase by more than 600 aircraft, almost doubling in the next 20 years, according to predications from Airbus.

If realised, the forecast will see the fleet in the region increase from a size of 750 to over 1,350 aircraft by 2036, according to Airbus’ latest market forecast.

Some 360 of this larger fleet will be single aisle and 250 will be twin aisles including 50 aircraft with 400 or more seats.

Today, widebody aircraft deliver around 70 per cent of traffic to and from the region and by 2036, will continue to play a key role.

This growth will generate a corresponding need for over 12,000 new pilots and over 13,000 new maintenance engineers and provides Airbus’ global services business a catalyst to grow.

Airbus has expanded its global network of training locations from five to 16 in the space of three years

Characterised by large distances and island states with a reliance on air transportation the Australia South Pacific inter regional growth will match the world average 4.4 per cent per year, outstripping other advanced aviation markets such as the US, Japan and Europe averaging 3.7 per cent growth.

The region’s economy is set to almost double its size to US$2.7 trillion by 2036, and its population to increase by 25 per cent from 40 to 50 million in 20 years.

Globally, in the next 20 years, traffic is set to grow annually at 4.4 per cent requiring a need for 34,170 passenger and 730 freighter aircraft worth a combined total of US$5.3 trillion.

Over 70 per cent of new units are single aisle with 60 per cent for growth and 40 per cent for replacement.

By 2036, the world’s commercial aviation fleet will grow to more than 40,000 aircraft.

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