Heathrow seeks chair for new Community Engagement Board | News

Heathrow Airport, alongside the Heathrow Airport Consultative Committee, have launched a campaign to recruit a high-profile chair to head up the new independent Community Engagement Board.

The new board will take on the role of the current consultative committee and was a recommendation by the Airports Commission, drawing on best practice from European hub airports.

The influential chair will lead the Community Engagement Board which will play an important role in building trust between the airport and its communities making sure that Heathrow delivers its commitments today and in the future.

It will also play a crucial role during the planning process for the proposed expansion of Heathrow to check that communities are meaningfully engaged in Heathrow’s public consultations over the coming months and years.

The Community Engagement Board will be established in the new year and will act as the focal point for engagement between the airport, local authorities, community groups and passengers.

The chair will be appointed by a panel representative of the existing HACC, government, Heathrow and a nominated community representative through an open process run by established executive search firm, Gatenby Sanderson.

Deputy chair of the HACC Steering Group, Brian Yates, said: “The appointment of a chair will be a major early milestone in the establishment of this newly created Board which aims to build on the strength of the existing consultative committee.

“We are looking for a seasoned leader who will have the gravitas and experience to represent the diverse airport communities – residents, local authorities, passengers and pressure groups –  at the highest levels of government and, of course, to the airport too.”

Closing date for applications is January 14th.

Heathrow chief executive, John Holland-Kaye, said: “The arrival of the Community Engagement Board is a demonstration of Heathrow’s commitment to deliver and contribute to world-class local engagement, both as part of today’s airport operations and future expansion plans.

“We look forward to working with the successful candidate who will help us make sure Heathrow delivers expansion fairly and responsibly so that we maximise the benefits for our local communities.”

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