AviaDev 2017: AviAssist Safety Promotion Centre Rwanda launched | News


The Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority and the AviAssist Foundation, Africa’s only independent, non-profit organisation dedicated solely to the safety improvements in aviation on the continent, have announced a partnership to establish the AviAssist Safety Promotion Centre Rwanda.

The partnership, signed at AviaDev, aims to establish a long-term mutually beneficial association in capacity building on aviation safety skills as well as business and leadership skills at the ASPC in Rwanda.

The ASPC-Rwanda is geared to become East Africa’s leading aviation safety resource centre, making Rwanda and states in the east and southern African ICAO region more self-sufficient at safety promotion.

The centre will impart training and safety training that is crucial to support aviation experts in their role as safety leaders and champions.

Silas Udahemuka, director general of Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority, said: “We are very pleased to launch this cooperation.

“RCAA is committed to promoting the aviation safety in Rwanda and the east African region and this partnership helps us to achieve this goal.

“This partnership with ASPC Rwanda will help develop as well as sharpen skills that we expect will impact the daily operations of the aviation sector since ensuring safety is a key factor in the business of aviation.”

The AviAssist Foundation is the only non-profit organisation dedicated to providing impartial, independent, expert safety guidance and resources to the African aviation industry.

It works in close coordination with ICAO, stakeholders and other safety support providers.

“We are thrilled to partner with one of Africa’s leading civil aviation authorities for the set-up of our first ASPC,” said Tom Kok, director of AviAssist.

“It is a unique opportunity to combine our safety promotion experience in Africa with the excellent safety oversight performance of the government of Rwanda.

“This partnership will bring great benefits for the continuous professional development that the Foundation brings to Africa.”

The Rwanda Civil Aviation Authority is the national aviation authority of the Republic of Rwanda.


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