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AirHelp has launched the world’s first tool for travellers to check their eligibility for compensation from flight disruptions up to three years in the past.

The feature also allows users to visually map out their journeys directly from their mobile devices into an adventure map for social sharing.

This first-of-its-kind technology will enlighten consumers to compensation they may have never known was available to them.

Available on the AirHelp website and mobile app, the tool is an exciting new dual feature that provides a simple way for air passengers to check their personal flight history for compensation eligibility.

Once connected, AirHelp will have the capability to update consumers on future eligibility as soon as their flight disruptions occur.

In addition to quick compensation and notification, the new tool will include a data visualisation feature that travellers can use to develop and share a personalised map of their trips across Facebook and Twitter.

By analysing past flight data and including any new flights as they are booked, the tool creates a colourful and engaging map of recent flights, how much money you have spent on flight tickets, how many times you’ve been to the moon and back, and much more to highlight past experiences in a fun and visual display.

“Raising awareness of air passenger rights and identifying new ways to be a consumer advocate has always been our priority,” says AirHelp co-founder Henrik Zillmer.

“Over nine million air passengers are entitled to compensation for disrupted flights every year, yet most of these travellers don’t know that they are eligible or understand how to pursue a valid claim.

“Our new tool will produce compelling content for today’s social media-driven consumers, while building a platform for automatic notifications about compensation eligibility.

“We’re excited to educate even more travellers about their rights in a fun, interactive manner with technology.”

This new tool continues AirHelp’s mission to offer passengers the most advanced and consumer-friendly travel solutions worldwide by combining the knowledge of hundreds of legal specialists in air travel with world-class artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities.

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