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Contiki has launched Tiki, a chatbot on Facebook Messenger, which helps agents and clients navigate the brand’s eight signature Travel Styles.

The new technology ultimately aims to identify the most suitable trips for holidaymakers. 

Contiki launched its Travel Styles in 2014 in an effort to cater to the diverse tastes of young travellers.

Over the past four years, Contiki’s Travel Styles have been well-received by agents and travellers alike, who have found the Styles provide a simple way to match traveller intentions with their perfect trip.

“Our audience aren’t homogenous,” said Contiki vice president of marketing, Alexis Sitaropoulos.

“When people think of youth they’re quick to generalise, but it would be naïve to do so.”

With a fun tone of voice, Tiki takes users through a set of questions about their personality, travel preferences and tastes, doing so through a mix of pop-culture references and internet memes.

Tiki’s job ends there; unlike other brands which have released technology aimed at automating the roles of travel consultants, Contiki is acutely aware of the necessity for human interaction when it comes to destination knowledge, customer service, and booking handling that can only be provided by agents.

“Tiki is a tool that can be used to bring some fun into the research phase of travel,” said Sitaropoulos.

“It will also help agents to better understand their client’s interests and aspirations, and will give agents a ‘leg up’ by suggesting trips that suit their client’s motivations, tastes and preferences.”

Tiki is now live, available through Facebook Messenger.

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