Europcar roles out Drive & Share product across Germany and Demark | News

Europcar Group has announced the launch of its Drive & Share solution in Germany and Denmark together with SnappCar, the second-largest international peer-to-peer car sharing player in Europe.

Europcar, a major player in mobility markets, is a significant investor in SnappCar.

After a first successful pilot phase in France, Drive & Share is now launched in Germany and Denmark.

Drive & Share is dedicated to people who want to enjoy the flexibility of owning a car but who don’t need to use it often.

With Drive & Share, customers have access to long term car rental to answer their mobility needs, which they can share on the SnappCar platform when they don’t need it.

Drive & Share is sometimes seen as a good alternative to car ownership.

Drive & Share is an all-in-one solution that includes vehicle, insurance and maintenance.

Customers select a package based on their preferred vehicle category and rental package (rental period ranging from three to 12 months; mileage and insurance package).

A monthly rental rate is set based on the package selected.

“With the launch of Drive & Share in two of our subsidiaries in Europe, Europcar Group sustains its commitment to offer innovative, simple and flexible mobility solutions to its customers.

“With this new product, we want to match the evolution of usage patterns to be able to offer a new way to use a car in response to customer needs.

“We are also happy to partner with SnappCar, a key player in its market,” said Sheila Struyck, managing director of the new mobility business unit at Europcar.

If the owner commits to share the vehicle at least twice a month, they will receive an attractive rate plus the SnappCar rental earnings.

“SnappCar wants to keep innovating in the German and Danish markets.

“This association with Europcar demonstrates our commitment to offer simple, quality solutions, accessible to everyone.

“This exclusive offer, complementary to services already available, meets our members’ mobility, sharing and financing needs,” explains Victor van Tol, co-founder and chief executive of SnappCar.

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