Heathrow to welcome FlyFit wellness facility this autumn | News

Heathrow has announced an exclusive partnership with FlyFit to open the world’s first wellness and fitness studio in an airport.

The studio, which opens this autumn, will offer passengers both instructor-led and interactive strength, restorative yoga, and cardio classes. 

The brand-new, state-of-the-art space will be located after security in departures at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 2: The Queens Terminal, accessible through a lift down to its private facilities.

The FlyFit team will provide rental workout clothing, shower facilities and healthy food options to help travellers to stay well wherever their journey takes them.

The idea was developed by Brian Chappon and Lauren Perkins, two long-time fitness enthusiasts who both experienced the challenges of maintaining mental and physical health first-hand while travelling.

“As a long time instructor, coach, triathlete and entrepreneur, I saw my performance and energy levels suffer as I racked up frequent flyer miles.

“I knew others faced these same challenges.

“FlyFit was born out of our shared passion to improve health and well-being on the road for ourselves and others.

“We are creating a space for fitness and community that has previously been lacking in airports,” said Perkins.

Heathrow and FlyFit have been working in close collaboration to make this new wellness and travel concept a premium, yet accessible, reality for travellers.

“We picked Heathrow as our FlyFit launch partner because they agree with our ethos of changing the way people travel.

“We’re trying to create a new experience in the travel space and Heathrow invests in its customer experience,” added chief executive and founder, Brian Chappon.

Terminal 2: The Queen’s Terminal sees over 16 million passengers fly through each year on 25 airlines including Star Alliance.

FlyFit is a wellness and fitness studio featuring both instructor-led and on-demand interactive strength, restorative yoga, and cardio classes for travellers decompress and recharge behind airport security.

Redefining the way travellers move throughout the world, FlyFit is opening its first facility at Heathrow Airport, with additional global locations to come.

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