National Geographic Expeditions launches in UK market | News

National Geographic Expeditions has launched in the United Kingdom.

The travel company has expanded into the UK market for the first time as a premium provider of travel experiences that embody the renowned National Geographic spirit of adventure, conservation and education.

Utilising the 130 years of history and heritage of the National Geographic Society, National Geographic Expeditions UK offers a range of unique experiences from luxury eco lodges and small ship voyages to private jet expeditions, small group trips and private tours.

Trips are organised all over the world in all seven continents, from the tropical atolls of Polynesia, to the peaks of Nepal and the ice world of the Arctic.

All travel taken with National Geographic Expeditions supports the non-profit National Geographic Society to help fund researchers and explorers who work to preserve, protect, and advance understanding of the planet and its people.

Every year, the society awards hundreds of grants to scientists, educators, innovators, and storytellers around the world; a holiday with National Geographic Expeditions helps fund these fantastic projects making Nat Geo a travel company with a conscience.

A portion of the proceeds generated by National Geographic Expeditions trips go back into the National Geographic Society to fund further research.

Launched in 1999, National Geographic Expeditions now operates hundreds of trips each year, spanning all seven continents and more than 80 destinations and sets itself apart due to its experts who are renowned in their fields.

Travellers may find themselves on trips with a zoologist who identified some 100 new mammal species, an archaeologist who discovered two two-million-year-old fossils of a previously unheard of ape-like species, or an adventurer who has climbed over one hundred 17,000ft peaks and discovered the Llullaillaco children.

Private tours are available for those who prefer not to travel in groups.

Guests have an itinerary based on their availability, group size and preferences and can travel all over the world from Chile and Easter Island to Alaska.

Developed by National Geographic Expeditions, the trips are experiential and ensure travellers are enriched by their experience.

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