Cebu Pacific welcomes first Airbus A321 to fleet

The Philippines’ largest carrier, Cebu Pacific, has received the first of its 39 A321 aircraft – ushering the entry of a new Airbus model into its fleet.

The Airbus A321 is an efficient single-aisle jetliner, the longest and widest among all single-aisle aircraft.

While it can accommodate more seats and cargo, the A321 also provides enhanced passenger comfort.

The first seven A321 deliveries are composed of the A321ceo (current engine option) variants, with the next tranche of A321ceo deliveries scheduled in the coming months.

Aside from seven A321ceos, Cebu Pacific has an existing order of 32 Airbus A321neo (new engine option) aircraft, deliveries of which are expected to start by late-2018 until 2022.

The A321ceos of Cebu Pacific boasts seats made by world-renowned seat manufacturer Recaro.

Ergonomically designed with an angled backrest, each seat is also equipped with a USB port for passengers to conveniently charge their mobile devices inflight.

In addition, the new seats are 40 per cent lighter than conventional economy-class seat models.

Coupled with increased cabin space, the A321ceos of Cebu Pacific can easily accommodate 50 additional seats, bringing the total passenger capacity to 230 (an increase in seat capacity of 27 per cent).

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