Airbnb unveils first professional co-hosts for UK market | News

Airbnb has announced the first three UK companies to join its professional co-host program, aimed at making home sharing easier for hosts. 

Through the program, Airbnb will share hosting best practices, provide additional platform support and enable direct API integration to Air Agents, Pass the Keys and BnB Buddy. 

The goal is to make it easier for more people to list their homes with confidence and ease, helping them to offer the kind of local and authentic experiences guests on Airbnb have come to expect.

Air Agents, Pass the Keys and BnB Buddy provide many benefits to people who are eager to share their space but may not have time to welcome guests and prepare their listings.

Some of these services include helping hosts communicate with guests, cleaning listings, coordinating check-ins and exchanging keys and providing estimates of what hosts could earn on Airbnb.

James McClure, general manager, northern Europe, Airbnb, said: “This is the next step in our journey to make hosting easier, offering more benefits and creating a platform for everyone. 

“We are excited to welcome to our professional co-host program three of the leading host management companies in the UK making it easier for hosts to share their space and giving guests quality authentic travel experiences. 

“By continuing to make hosting easier, we hope more hosts and guests will benefit from magical travel experiences, powered by people.”

Over the coming months, Airbnb will include details of the program on the host section of the website, so people can quickly and easily source the information they need. 

Air Agents, Pass the Keys and BnB Buddy will each highlight its participation in the program with a unique logo on the homepage designating them as ‘professional co-hosts’. 

Listings overseen by host management companies in London will remain subject to automated hosting limits and be blocked from sharing homes for more than 90 nights a year, unless hosts have the permits required to share their space more frequently.

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