Jade Mountain St Lucia launches new range of spa treatments | News

Jade Mountain St Lucia has introduced a new range of home-grown spa treatments that seek to be as kind to the environment as they are to skin.

The new treatments on offer at the hilltop Kai En Ciel Spa utilise the finest organic produce from the resort’s 600-acre Emerald Estate, including chocolate, mangoes, spices and botanicals.

Guests can choose from a pampering selection of ‘home-grown’ treatments, including an organic Chocolate Facial, Mango Body Scrub or a De-Stress Muscle Release massage with warming black pepper, rosemary and ginger.

Produce is hand-picked by one of Jade Mountain’s experienced agriculturalists and taken to the spa, where ingredients are prepared and essential oils extracted for use in the pampering therapies.

Each component is selected not only for its quality and sustainability, but for its beneficial properties and effect on the skin and senses.

Chocolate, for example, is a powerful anti-oxidant ideal for reducing the signs of ageing while mango purifies and revitalises dull skin.

Ginger is used for its anti-inflammatory qualities and rosemary, a proven antiseptic, is a saviour for the acne-prone.

Several treatments also incorporate lavender, known to balance the skin and relax the body and mind.

The treatments are the latest example of the resort’s commitment to import nothing that can be grown or made locally, with 40 per cent of all produce served at the 29-room Jade Mountain and 49-room sister-resort Anse Chastanet grown on the shared 600-acre estate.

The Kai En Ciel (Creole Patois for ‘house in heaven’) spa has a variety of eco-friendly practises in place, including a rain and river water purification system which provides the resort with fresh water, a towel and sheet reuse programme, pool water recycling and low flush toilets.

In addition, a sewage water purification system provides irrigation for the organic estate. 

All guests are given the opportunity to learn about the resorts’ sustainability programmes and can actively participate through environmental activities such as reef cleaning, lionfish spear-fishing and tree planting.

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