TransferTravel launches marketplace for unwanted bookings has launched a new website aimed at bringing transferable travel to the masses.

With over 220,000 hotel rooms a day going wasted in the US alone and an estimated $40 Billion worldwide worth of pre-booked and unused travel being wasted annually, the new website aimed to provide a solution to this extensive consumer issue.

With 80 per cent of all travel eligible for transfer, but little consumer knowledge about this, and very few brands highlighting this in their small print Simon Powell, chief executive of the company, believes that this peer-to-peer marketplace will champion the consumer.

The London and San Francisco based company has ambitious plans with a growing team both in the UK and US and an objective to secure over a million users by the end of 2018.

All this is the brainchild of Powell’s who launched the company after his own relationship break-up forced him to try and recover some of the cost of an expensive non-refundable romantic holiday to Dubai that he suddenly had no need for.

Realising that no single effective marketplace existed for transferring travel Powell launched and has since gone on to secure two rounds of funding leading to the new website with an app launch planned to follow imminently.

The easy and intuitive website is purposefully simple mirroring its problem-solving business credentials and making it easy for both those searching for travel bargains and those looking to list their travel.

“We are bringing to market a simple solution to a problem most people don’t know is solve-able.

“It is not fair that companies choose to hide the fact that 80 per cent of travel is transferable and of course it’s the consumer that loses out by not knowing this.

“We want to educate the consumer and provide a fix for this.”

Riding on the trend for businesses that give power to the consumer and the ever-growing sharing economy operates on a no-sale, no-fee basis, only collecting a 15 per cent fee when a successful transfer is made.

Find out more on the official website.

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