Hilton Heathrow unveils environmentally conscience Portobello Burger

Hilton has announced the launch of a new tasty and environmentally friendly dish, the Portobello Burger, at Hilton London Heathrow Airport.

The property – considered World’s Leading Airport Hotel by World Travel Awards – will be the first Hilton in the UK to serve up the sandwich, designed to enhance the meaty flavour of a classic burger while reducing its environmental impact.

Available from September 28th this year, the new burger mixes 30 per cent field mushrooms with 70 per cent beef, cutting the patty’s CO2 emissions by 29 per cent when compared to a traditional all-beef burger, while enhancing its taste and texture.

It is the result of a long-term research and testing partnership with the Better Buying Lab, a coalition of leading food companies put together by the World Resources Institute to develop cutting-edge strategies to empower consumers to buy and consume more sustainable food.

The launch comes after Hilton recently announced a robust new commitment to cut its environmental footprint in half and double its social impart investment by 2030.

Research from the World Resources Institute shows that beef production is responsible for around 30 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions from agricultural production.

It also accounts for one-third of the global water footprint of farm animal production.

Introducing dishes with a lower meat content can reduce greenhouse emissions, without compromising on taste or consumer choice.

With a meat-like texture, umami taste and strong moisture retention properties, mushrooms are the ideal ingredient to simultaneously enhance the burger’s flavour.

To further support its commitment, Hilton recently revealed a new core menu in the UK which places more emphasis on sustainable options.

New dishes include the Avoclub, a club sandwich which replaces chicken with avocado to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and land use.

Chris Jefferson, executive chef, Hilton London Heathrow Airport, said: “Here at Hilton London Heathrow Airport we are incredibly passionate about developing a sustainable menu that guests can really enjoy.

“With the rise in “flexitarian” diets in particular, we know it’s crucial that we provide a range of options that suit every taste. Dishes such as the Portobello Burger demonstrate the potential of plant-based dishes to reduce our environmental impact without compromising on flavour, and we’re excited about developing our menu further in future.”

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