Hong Kong International Airport signs with Amadeus for iCUSS deployment | News


Remember the days when you could only check-in to your flight at the airport and at the few desks of the airline you were flying with?

The long queues are what most travellers remember and what airport staff dread.

Travellers today have numerous ways to check-in – on a computer or mobile, at a kiosk or desk, or outside of the airport.

However, for the airport, this means many different types of systems and expensive infrastructure to do the exact same thing.

It’s because of this, Hong Kong International Airport and Amadeus have announced an agreement to deploy the world’s first hot-swappable battery powered movable check-in kiosks, called iCUSS, with both a self-service and full-service mode, reinventing the entire check-in experience.

With 42.2 million departing passengers in the first seven months of 2017, Hong Kong International Airport’s check-in process needs to be as efficient, flexible and cost-effective as possible.

The versatile cloud-based mobile kiosks are powered by Amadeus’ common use technology and can be rapidly deployed and relocated for use by the traveller to check-in themselves or by the airport staff to provide full-service operations.

The airport can now say goodbye to different systems and fixed locations, meaning greater freedom and flexibility to serve passengers throughout their journey to and around the airport.

Vivian Cheung, deputy director of airport operations, Airport Authority Hong Kong, said: “With an increasing number of passengers and infrastructure constraints at the airport, we now need a more sustainable way to check-in passengers faster and from anywhere.

“We also wanted to give the option to travellers to check-in at their convenience.”
Cheung added: “We choose to partner with Amadeus as we share the same vision to reinvent the traditional way travellers check-in.

“We look forward to working with Amadeus to significantly reduce passenger process times, save airlines resources, and free up space in the terminal – and together we hope to extend this to other airports and set a new check-in standard in the airport industry.”


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