Acquaforte set to open at Forte Village in October | News

Acquaforte will open officially on October 1st in association with the Thalasso Research Centre at Milan University.

Located at the Forte Village resort, the location will become Sardinia’s first medical spa.

Drawing on the prodigious healing properties of sea water, it is inspired by the historic Roman passion for bathing and the sea spas they established at nearby Nora in 3 AC.

The Acquaforte medical team will offer four tailor-made programmes lasting four or seven days plus a daily activity programme.

The programmes focus on anti-ageing, Thalasso detox, staying healthy and weight-loss.

Set in 120 acres of beautiful gardens on the white sandy shores of the Mediterranean and sheltered by the mountains, Sardinia’s sub-tropical climate enjoys 300 days of sunshine every year.

The average winter temperature in October is 19 degrees and in November 14 degrees; in October, the sea is warmer than in spring: 22 degrees in October and 19 degrees in November.

Sardinia is one of just five world regions renowned for longevity.

The Sardinian/Mediterranean diet is included on UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list and it is home to many recognised ‘superfoods’ including pomegranates which one can pick within five minutes’ walk; the hotel has its own gardens growing figs, lemons, aubergines, tomatoes and much more.

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