Forte Village welcomes Acquaforte Private Spa for summer 2018 | News

The Acquaforte Spa at Forte Village has long been renowned as a pioneer of thalassotherapy and the health benefits surrounding it.

A circuit of six pools of varied salt densities – created with the help of the Thalasso Research Centre at Milan University – lies at the heart of the spa, set in lush gardens on the southern Sardinian coast.

This year, Forte Village will open a new and private area of the Acquaforte Spa, available for exclusive hire to guests in small groups of up to ten people.

With its own private entrance, the 300sqm spa area will comprise of three thalasso pools, a private treatment room for up to two people, a sauna, hammam, solarium and relaxation area.

The private spa will also have its own changing rooms and a lounge where healthy meals can be served throughout the day.

Pool 1: Sea oil at 37-38°C

The very high concentration of magnesium salt allows the body to float.

The high temperature of the water has a vasodilatory effect, and when combined with the high saline density, it increases metabolic exchanges by osmosis, thereby aiding the draining and detox effect.

Pool 2: Seawater whirlpool at 35-36°C

This high temperature, pure sea water pool features whirlpools that stimulate microcirculation from the soles of the feet to the abdominal muscles and the back.

The movement and the water pressure stimulate various body areas, complementing the muscle-relaxing effect of the previous pools.

Pool 3: High saline density at 36-37°C

This sodium-rich pool continues and increases the osmosis between sea water and the body, stimulating the elimination of toxins and aiding muscle relaxation.

This pool is ideal for a traditional Acquaforte water massage.

More Information

The Acquaforte Private Spa is available to book from €900 for a half day and from €1,200 for a full day for up to ten people.

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